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We Just Made Finding Your Next Investment Property Easier

We Just Made Finding Your Next Investment Property Easier
HomeStakes Top Property List saves you time and hassle when finding your next investment property.

For those that are ready to take the next step and are actively looking for your next investment property - whether it be your very first property or you are looking to add to your established portfolio - the HomeStakes Top Property List is for you.

Save Time

For the busy professional, one of the biggest issues with real estate investing is how time consuming it can be to find deals that fit your goals. Between locating your target markets, determining your strategy for each market, and identifying deals that fit with your strategy and have good economics, you can spend hours searching with little to no progress.

The HomeStakes Top Property List exists to save you time finding your next deal.  Our team of analysts searches top performing markets across the country - each with different investment strategies - and curates a weekly list of deals with a comprehensive breakdown of top properties, including economics and key advantages/disadvantages of each individual property. Investors can expect to see between 8-12 properties across 2-4 markets per week - providing diversification of locations, price ranges, and investing strategies so that any investor can find their perfect property.

Discover New Markets

Our team is constantly analyzing new markets across the country and identifying investment strategies that may provide stable, profitable opportunities. When you get HomeStakes Top Property List weekly, there is a high chance you are going to encounter new markets.

All of the markets that we feature in our Top Property List are markets that we are actively invested in or considering for investment. As HomeStakes expands it's portfolio and expands into new markets, you can expect to see more markets and strategies in the weekly list.

Find Profitable Deals

While every deal on the HomeStakes property list may not meet your goals or work with your preferred investment strategy, we pride ourselves in curating a list filled with properties that produce positive return metrics. From time to time, our team will find off market deals in the markets we search - bringing you opportunities that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Each property and market will differ in the return metrics that are prioritized. This is done to provide the opportunity for any investor to find a profitable deal that fits with their strategy and goals.

What You Can Expect To See

Our Top Property List will be real estate investment opportunities from markets across the country that our team researches and curates into a weekly list. You can expect to see a mixture of investment strategies as well - from short term vacation rentals to traditional long term rentals, mid term corporate rentals, and other unique strategies.

In the current market, the economics for mid term and vacation rental properties tend to outperform those of more traditional long term rentals. While we expect this to change in the near future as housing prices see some correction, you may see a majority of short term rental deals as they are typically the most profitable investment under the current market conditions.

Generally, when screening for STRs that will outperform, we look for a few important criteria:

  • ACCOMODATIONS: properties that can sleep and provide space to entertain larger groups can perform better. We generally seek properties that can accommodate larger groups with ample sleeping (bedrooms) and bathrooms, with generous living and entertainment areas.
  • AGR: projected average gross (rental) revenue (AGR) of at least 15% of the purchase price. Not everyone agrees with our minimum levels, however, and - sometimes properties can be purchased below listed price (especially in the current market) so for those reasons, we regularly include properties screened for at least 10% AGR to purchase price;
  • HOA: no home owner's association (HOA) - municipalities can impose strict enough rules on STRs, but HOAs can impose even more harsh restrictions and can do so with little or no notice, which could dramatically restrict your STR;
  • AMENITIES: renters are looking for great stays. There are no shortage of homes that offer bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and even pools or other entertainment. To ensure a competitive advantage you want to make sure that you can offer your guest amenities that are unique and will set your STR apart from the others.
  • LOCATION: in real estate, you often hear "location, location, location". This maxim is certainly true with vacation rentals. Guests want convenient access to the area they're traveling to, so properties with great locations will often dramatically outperform.

We may list properties that meet the criteria of any (or all) the above. Our goal is to provide a convenient list of some of the best properties in the featured areas we cover so that our members can choose to look further into the properties that peak their interest.

In our curated weekly property lists, we include a breakdown of the property, including the above factors and other key details on the properties. We also provide a link to the listing and an image. Here are a few key terms you may see used in our property listings:

  • AGR - Average Gross Revenue - an estimate of the likely average gross revenue for the property.
  • ADR - Average Daily Rate - an estimate of the likely average daily rental rate for the property.
  • OCC - Occupancy Rate - an estimate of the likely occupancy rate for the property.
  • OPEX - Operating Expense - an estimate of the likely operating expense for the property (housekeeping, listings, etc.).
  • NOI - Net Operating Income - an estimate of the likely net operating income of the property, which is the AGR less the OPEX. NOI will be what is left to service your mortgage and provide income.
  • LOC - Location - we generally rate based on a simple letter scale: "A" properties have an excellent location that is convenient to transportation, events, recreation, etc. "B" properties tend to be a bit more removed, or in a location that may be on the 'outskirts' of a favorable area. "C" properties are those with less desirable locations that may be set a bit further out and less convenient to key services.

The HomeStakes Top Property List is meant to serve as a curated filter for our members to quickly review properties that we have identified with strong potential for investment return. If you're already looking to invest in the areas we feature, you can use this list as an action list to inform and guide your search as you target your next investment.

The HomeStakes Top Pick

The HomeStakes team may also identify a property in each list (on rare occasions, more than one) that we feel very strongly about. We'll denote these "top pick" properties with the HomeStakes Top Pick heading, so it will be easy to see among the featured properties.

Soon, our members will be able to see our private deal list, the HomeStakes Investor list. This list features the properties that we are actively investing in - that we already have under contract and are closing on to add to the HomeStakes portfolio. Subscribers to this list will also get regular access to important insights from our deal and operating teams, as we close our properties and make them available for rental. Stay tuned...