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HomeStakes Top Properties 11/7/23

HomeStakes Top Properties 11/7/23

Welcome to this weeks exclusive list of some of the most lucrative vacation rental properties across the country! This week we dive into properties across Tennessee, Colorado, and Lousiana that standout as short-term rental markets.

For those new to our lists, or who need a refresher on our criteria and terms used in our lists, please review our post covering HomeStakes Top Property Lists. Here, you'll find all the details on how we break these lists down and the key criteria we are evaluating on and why.

This list is designed to save you time and stress when navigating the vacation rental property market, and ultimately make your next investment decision easier and faster. Our team of experts has carefully curated this weekly list based on criteria such as estimated revenue, occupancy rate, daily rate, and all other crucial factors that contribute to a property's success.

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Dive into our top properties of the week and discover what makes them stand out in the vacation rental market. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and excel in your vacation rental property investment journey!

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Tennessee Vacation Homes

Nashville, Tennessee, with its thriving music scene and robust economy, presents an enticing opportunity for short-term rental property investments. The city's popularity among tourists and business travelers ensures a steady demand for temporary lodging. Real estate values in Nashville have been on an upward trend, suggesting a promising return on investment.

However, investors should be aware that Nashville enforces strict short-term rental regulations. Compliance with these rules, including permits and zoning laws, is crucial to avoid fines. It's essential to thoroughly research and understand these regulations before investing in Nashville's short-term rental market.

730 Moormans Arm Rd, Nashville, TN 37207

730 Moormans Arm Rd, Nashville, TN 37207

List Price: $365,000
Accommodations: 3 Bed / 2 Bath - 1,634 SF on 0.29 Acres
Total estimated revenue: $42,054
Occupancy rate: 38%
Daily rate: $303
NOI: $23,000
Location: B-
Property Summary:
10 minutes from downtown Nashville, this home offers a 2-car carport, abundant parking, a spacious rec room, fenced backyard, new water-resistant flooring, a fully updated kitchen and bathrooms, new windows, and enhanced crawlspace insulation.
Notes: Interior is in great turnkey condition ready for rental, exterior could use cosmetic updates to be rental ready and more standout against competition.

2218 14th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

2218 14th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208

List Price: $699,000
Accommodations: 4 Bed / 4 Bath - 3,134 SF on 5,662 lot
Total estimated revenue: $78,279
Occupancy rate: 47%
Daily rate: $456
NOI: $54,422
Location: A
Property Summary:
4 beds, 3.5 baths, a spacious kitchen with ample counter space, new stainless appliances, 10 ft ceilings, and quartz throughout. The master bath boasts a large walk-in shower and sauna. open floorplan with an industrial-style garage door connecting to the outdoors, it includes a separate apartment for rental or guest use, only a short distance from downtown West End/Broadway, you'll find endless amenities just a quick bike or car ride away.
Notes: Interior is simple but has some unique aspects - vertical opening garage door in dining room to provide indoor/outdoor experience, personal sauna in bathroom, etc. With some extra decor spend, this home can be a very unique listing.

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