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HomeStakes simplifies real estate investing - helping new real estate enthusiasts learn about investing; providing access to the best investment properties; and allowing experienced investors to invest alongside us - HomeStakes helps you invest smarter.

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For those new to real estate investing, or intent to learn more about real estate in general, our blog and free newsletter is the perfect opportunity to do just that. At HomeStakes, you will learn about real estate investing; from benefits, risks, best ways to get started, specific markets and market outlooks, all included in our free posts.

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Learn more about real estate investing through HomeStakes free education

HomeStakes Top Property List

For those that are ready to take the next step and are actively looking for your next investment property - whether it be your very first property or you are looking to add to your established portfolio - the HomeStakes Top Property List is for you.

For the busy professional, one of the biggest issues with real estate investing is how time consuming it can be to find deals that fit your goals. Between locating your target markets, determining your strategy for each market, and identifying deals that fit with your strategy and have good economics, you can spend hours searching with little to no progress.

More info: https://www.rarchitecture.com.au/chapel_house-_glen_waverley 
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Find top investment opportunities with HomeStakes Top Property List

The HomeStakes Top Property List exists to save you time finding your next deal.  Our team of analysts searches top performing markets across the country - each with different investment strategies - and curates a weekly list of deals with a comprehensive breakdown of top properties, including economics and key advantages/disadvantages of each individual property. Investors can expect to see between 8-12 properties across 2-4 markets per week - providing diversification of locations, price ranges, and investing strategies so that any investor can find their perfect property.

HomeStakes Investors List

If you are an established investor and looking for an entirely hands-off way to invest in real estate, you can become a HomeStakes Investor and see every deal we are investing in, with the opportunity to own as little as 1% and up to 20% of each property, gaining all of the pass through benefits of owning real estate without any of the hassle. HomeStakes handles the entire process from identifying and closing deals to full service management, cashflow distribution, and all tax and accounting.

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Invest with HomeStakes to diversify your portfolio with hands off real estate

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