Invest in Short Term Rentals
Profit from the highest-yielding real estate investment class with short-term vacation rentals. Choose from among the properties presented on our lists of carefully curated properties emailed to our subscribers each week; or invest along with HomeStakes in our property high-yielding deals.

Why Homestakes?

We analyze thousands of properties across the hottest markets to find the best performing short-term (vacation rentals).

Our subscribers get access to these properties via our weekly lists highlighting our best finds – saving you TIME and MONEY by showcasing you the best.

We invest our own money in the markets we study and we also provide opportunities to select investors to with us in the deals we acquire and manage.

Average Monthly Rents STR vs LTR

What markets do we invest in?

Market Grade B+
Occupancy 63%
Daily Rate $320
AVG Return 14%
Market Grade B
Occupancy 63%
Daily Rate $308
AVG Return 16%
Gulf Shores
Market Grade B+
Occupancy 68%
Daily Rate $287
AVG Return 17%
Market Grade A+
Occupancy 86%
Daily Rate $235
AVG Return 18%
Joshua Tree
Market Grade B
Occupancy 61%
Daily Rate $263
AVG Return 11%
Big Sky
Market Grade A
Occupancy 67%
Daily Rate $646
AVG Return 16%
Market Grade B
Occupancy 76%
Daily Rate $211
AVG Return 15%
Market Grade A
Occupancy 72%
Daily Rate $264
AVG Return 19%

How does it work?


Invest from our Lists

If you choose to invest from the lists we send, you simply identify your target property, contact a realtor (we can provide excellent local referrals) and set up your deal. You can manage and profit from the investment as you see fit.

Invest with HomeStakes

If you choose to invest along with HomeStakes, you can join our special purpose vehicle (SPV) to be a 'stakeholder' in any available deal you choose to invest in. You'll enjoy regular updates and distributions as well as flexible liquidity options when/if you choose to sell your 'stake'. We manage the property and take care of all the work. You collect your returns.

What are the benefits?

Fully Passive Enjoy passive income and let Homestakes handle property management, maintenance, and guest bookings.

High YieldInvest in high-performing short-term rental properties for attractive returns and significant rental income.

Fractional Ownership Diversify by investing in a fraction of multiple properties.

Liquidity Accessible investment starting from $2,500 and potential exit options through a secondary market.

Lower Risk Homestakes carefully selects high-performing properties and employs risk mitigation strategies, aiming to provide investors with lower risk investment opportunities in the real estate market.

Appreciation Select properties in high-demand areas with growth potential for long-term value appreciation.

Tax Benefits Maximize tax advantages with guidance on deductions and legal strategies.

Stay Investors or Luxe members can enjoy discounted stays at any of our properties nationwide when available.